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Energy Pumpkin Stencils

Posted on 10-27-2020

We have found some great energy related stencils online to try out on your pumpkins or share your own creations with us on our Facebook page!  

API came out with their High Energy Halloween stencils that include nine different images representing oil and gas.  

High Energy Halloween Stencils

Department of Energy celebrates National Energy Action Month in combination with Halloween by declaring this to be "Energyween" and offers some pumpkin carving stencils that include solar and wind.

Energyween Pumpkin Stencils

For a little more challenge, this linemen stencil helps give a nod to those who work to help keep us powered up every day.  

Lineman Rock Pumpkin Stencil

Whatever design you choose, we hope you create the most spook-tacular pumpkins on the block!


Did You Know?

Electricity travels 186,000 miles per second. If you could travel that fast, you could go around the world 8 times in the same time it takes to turn on a light switch.

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