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A Smart At-Home Office

Posted on 07-23-2020

Many people have found themselves working from home with no idea when or if they will return to their place of employment.  If you find yourself cramped at the kitchen table trying to get work done, it's time to create your own smart work space.

A room with a door is the first step.  You will be able to write off your office space when tax time comes if you have a separate room with a door which is used just for work.  Don't have a spare bedroom?  Clean out a walk-in closet, use the attic, basement, sunroom.  It will be worth giving up that space when tax time rolls around.  Just make sure you will have access to an outlet and phone reception if needed for your job.

ENERGY STAR equipment is the way to go when purchasing printers, computers, and other equipment for your space.  This will give you the best energy efficiency and help save up to 75% on energy use.  So, look for the ENERGY STAR sticker.

Power Strips are a game changer when it comes to energy use.  By keeping your office equipment plugged into a strip, you can cut off unneccessary energy waste by flipping the power strip switch off at the end of the day, thus cutting off the energy to energy-sucking equipment.

Make a switch to another provider that may save you money on your energy bill.  There are companies that can help you find the best provider for your needs.

Temperature control in your space is as easy as using a fan in the warmer months and a space heater in the winter months.  Don't rely on your home's thermostat to keep you comfortable in your work office.  

There are several websites you can find to help you create a simple office space for temporary use during this time, or to create a more permanent work-at-home office for every budget.  Here's a link to some creative ideas



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