Manage all areas of procurement including contracts, price strategies, bill auditing and utility tracking

In today’s competitive global marketplace businesses cannot afford to be a captive audience for rising energy prices. To get the best value for your energy dollars, it pays to take a more strategic approach to purchasing energy. High Voltage will evaluate your utility data and customize a buying strategy offering budget driven solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.  High Voltage will then evaluate competing offers from qualified suppliers and narrow the choices to successfully deliver the lowest energy prices available in your area.  Every dollar saved on utilities increases the profitability of your business. We understand your bottom line matters.

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Already have an Energy Contract?

If you already made an initial choice to purchase energy we will take things one step further. In addition to contract expiration dates and fiscal calendars to drive energy purchases, High Voltage closely monitors market activity to identify the best time to initiate your next purchase regardless of which supplier you currently utilize. By taking this proactive approach to energy purchasing, we will reduce unnecessary exposure to price volatility and secure energy prices that fit your budget and business objectives.

price management

Opportunity Analysis and
Energy Procurement

Save time and money with a comprehensive program that manages all your energy costs and ensures price management strategies to achieve stable, reliable, reduced energy costs.
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power needs


Benefit from the knowledge and experience of leading independent experts in energy deregulation.
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Bill Review, Bill Audit and
Bill Tracking

Having access to reporting of your energy consumption data is vital for budgeting and effectively managing your utility expenses.
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Energy Prices

Last Updated: 08-18-2017 16:34
nat gas sept 2.885 -0.044
natural gas 12 mo 2.979 -0.022
nat gas winter 2018 3.163 -0.033
ercot north dfw 32.52 2.330
ercot houston 37.51 3.960
ercot west 33.21 2.990
pjm west hub 26.29 0.450
pa green rec's 1.21 0.010
texas wind rec's .41 -0.010

As an independent third party we represent the best interests of our client and not the interests of any one supplier.

Success Stories

High Voltage recently structured an energy agreement for a county in Southwestern Pennsylvania that achieved an estimated savings of $120,000 over the term of the agreement.
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