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Time to Move Your Small Business Out of the Home

Posted on 01-26-2017

Many small businesses start out from a home office for many reasons - save money, convenience, space.  But, when all the reasons you keep your business at home become burdensome, it's a sure sign that you are outgrowing your home-based business and need to find commercial space.  

Here are some hints it's time to look for commercial space:

1.  Professional Front - More meetings with clients or potential customers is a good reason for finding commercial office space.  Having an established office is much easier to conduct presentations and give a sales pitch then trying to win over a potential client in a busy Starbucks. Being in your own office space will ensure you don't forget important items (such as the product you are pitching).  Also, it shows clients you are established.  

2.  Outgrowing Your Permit - If your business has really started booming and has surpassed city or area permit regulations, then you really don't have a choice but to move your business to a commercial space.  You want to be sure you are staying on the right side of those regulations.

3.  Too Many Distractions - Starting your business from home starts out with that convenience for being close by.  But, when family demands, hobbies, home projects start affecting your work performance, that's a sign that it's time to break away from your domain and give your business your full attention.  If you find yourself making more business calls from your car in the garage because it's the most quiet space in the house, then you need an office outside of your home.

4.  Hiring More Employees - A growing business means more employees.  Once you find yourself hiring more people, you and your growing team will need a home base (that's not your actual home) to conduct business in.  More can be accomplished as a team and individually when you and your employees have an actual office to work from instead of coming and going in your family home.

When considering moving your businesses into a commercial space, make a list of the pros and cons of having commercial space.  Consider where you are in gaining new clients, need for employees, tax benefits, and storage space.  Are you more motivated with your business when you go to a place of work or to an office in your house?  It is a big decision to make, but when the time is right for your growing business, the pros to a commercial space will outweigh the cons.


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