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Keep Warm During a Winter Storm Power Outage

Posted on 01-12-2017

It's January, and one thing is for certain, Mother Nature is unpredictable.  When a winter storm brings ice and heavy snow, power lines are at risk and likely to result in a power outage.  If you don't have a wood-burning fireplace, there are a number of ways your family can stay warm.

Don't Lose Indoor Heat

  • Try to avoid opening and closing doors to the outside.  Every time you open a door, a cold blast comes in, and your indoor heat escapes.  

  • Put blankets or door blockers at the base of all doors leading to the outside to seal off any drafts leaking cold air in.  If there are any gaps in a door frame, try to find a way to seal it even if you have to tuck paper towels in cracks.

  • Close all doors in the house and try to keep your family in one small room.  This will help to eliminate unused rooms from taking heat you need.

  • Drape blankets or towels over windows where the sun is not shining in.  Keep blinds and curtains closed up unless the sun is shining through.

Create Indoor Heat

  • If you have any warning or signal that you are about to lose power, turn the heat up to generate as much warmth in your home as you can before losing power.  The warmer the room, the longer it will take to cool down.

  • Let sunlight in by keeping window blinds and curtains open where the light is shining through to help produce warmth to a room.

  • Layer up!  Dress in warm clothes and continue to layer as the room begins to cool. Produce body heat with some light exercise.  Make sure you have enough blankets in one room to bundle up.

  • Candles can help with light and a bit of heat, but always use extreme caution with open flames and make sure a room is not left unattended when candles are burning.  Too many winter house fires are caused by candles.


Did You Know?

Electricity is the most widely used form of energy. You can't see electricity but you can see what it does like when you turn on a light.

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