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Why Are Solar Panels Usually Dark In Color?

Posted on 06-22-2016

Solar energy is continuing to grow in popularity for energy efficiency and being environmentally friendly. More and more businesses are incorporating solar panels to help with energy savings.  Solar energy is a great energy source since no matter how much we use, there will always be an abundant supply. There's enough energy in sunlight that shines on Earth in half a day to meet all of the United States energy demand for a year. 

In order to take advantage of solar energy, it's important to have a solar collector.  A solar collector is what absorbs the sunlight and traps the heat inside.  There are a number of things that affect the efficiency of using a solar collector.  Some of the things to consider are weather conditions, the time of the year, and time of the day.  Another thing that is important is the color of the solar collector. 

Have you noticed that most solar collectors you see are dark in color?  Well, there's a good reason for using a dark collector.  Dark colors such as black and dark blue attract more light and absorb the heat more than light colors.  You pretty well know to avoid wearing black clothing on a hot, sunny day because the dark fabric will draw in more heat.  The same applies to everything including solar energy.  Although sun collectors are available in different colors to go with the color of your home, it is best to stick to all black if you live in cooler environments as they will absorb most of the sunlight and give you the best in energy savings.

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