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Anthony's Pirates Fantasy Camp

Posted on 02-15-2016

Anthony Sciulli isn't just an expert in the gas and power industry, but he is also a "pro" baseball player. Okay, not exactly. But, Anthony has the opportunity once a year to feel like a Major League baseball player when he makes his way to Brandenton, Florida to take part in Pirates Fantasy Camp every January.

Anthony played high school baseball for Central Catholic in Pittsburgh, and his love for the game has stayed with him through the years. With his passion for the sport combined with being a loyal Pittsburgh Pirates fan, Anthony decided to take advantage of the fantasy camp as a way to break away from routine life and live out his childhood dreams at Pirate City. It's a chance to be coached by some of the greats in baseball, and the opportunity to play with and maybe against them. There is also the brotherhood among men of all ages who share the love of the sport that keeps guys like Anthony returning to Pirates Fantasy Camp every year. For that one week, a fan is given instructions and treated like a professional baseball player is regularly treated. For a man like Anthony Sciulli, it's a thrilling week when he can stop thinking about the energy business and pour his own energy into being that MLB player he always wished he could've been.

Anthony Sciulli, a gas and power expert for over 23 years, is the Pittsburgh Regional Manager for High Voltage. Anthony oversees major industrial and commercial businesses as well as mentoring and educating our agents in the NY, PA and OH markets. And, last but certainly not least, he is a Pirates Fantasy Camp Hall of Famer.

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