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Thanksgiving Energy Saving Tips

Posted on 11-11-2015

Having a house full of family and friends makes us feel thankful this time of year, but hosting the holiday dinner means added costs to your energy bill.  There are things you can do to help keep your energy costs down while enjoying your feast, friends and family time.

Thermostat Adjustment

It's the season for colder temperatures.  Do not immedietly turn the thermostat up because your guests are coming in from out of the cold.  More bodies in your home will increase the temperature from, you guessed it, body heat.  Also, all the cooking in the kitchen makes for a warmer than usual home.  A cooler setting on your thermostat will make for a more comfortable environment for your guests.

Not So Bright

There is a tendancy to turn on every light in the home when hosting the holiday get together.  If guests are arriving for dinner when dark, then turn on outdoor lights until all guests have arrived, then turn off outdoor lighting until guests are ready to leave.  If hosting your feast during the day, there's no need to have outdoor lights on.  Do a room check every now and then to make sure a light hasn't been left on in an empty room.  For bathrooms, have smaller lamps with LED light bulbs on.  Use natural lighting from windows during the day to keep rooms well-lit, and use candles and other soft lighting for evening hours instead of buring bright overhead lights. 

Game Time

Thanksgiving isn't just about the meal, but for many, it's about football.  Of course, not everyone (such as kids) are going to want to watch the game.  Instead of having every TV in the house going, designate two TV's for the for football and one for entertaining kids and other guests.  Have a small selection of kid-friendly movies available in another room with snacks and beverages available.  

Great Outdoors

If the weather is nice, what better way to enjoy time together than being outdoors?  Have games set up, play tag football instead of watching football on TV.  Keeping everyone outdoors will keep energy from being used indoors.  Build a fire, make s'mores, cozy up in blankets with hot cocoa available in thermoses.  Your guests are more likely to enjoy being outside than sitting in a house all day or evening.

As you can see, there are many ways to save on energy if you get creative and plan ahead. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to make special memories, and saving money where you can makes it all the more rewarding to be the one to host friends and family.


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