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New Nest Protect

Posted on 06-19-2015

Nest Protect Smoke Alarm and CO Detector is helping to keep us safer in our homes with advanced software and technology.  This alarm is making the 2:00 a.m. chirping annoyances a thing of the past and allowing home owners more control via smart phones.  A room can be consumed in fire within five minutes due to the type of materials used in today's furniture, so it is important for companies to come up with the technology to keep us safe.  Nest has developed that technology with Protect.

A human voice gives an early warning and let's you know what is going on within the home such as "Heads-up, there's smoke in the kitchen" so you know your toast is burning before flames erupt from the toaster.  There is a Split-Spectrum Sensor in the alarm which uses two wavelengths of light to detect a slow smoldering fire and a fast burning fire.  It also has a humidity sensor which can help the alarm determine steam from smoke so that a simple hot shower doesn't set off the alarm.

There is an app for your smart phone that keeps you informed of smoke or fire in your home while you are away by sending an alert over your phone.  You can use the phone to silence the alarm and check what is happening in what room of the house.  The app also allows you to check batteries and sensors at anytime, and you will be sent a message when batteries are going low so that you don't have to deal with 2:00 a.m. chirping noises.

Another important feature is that the alarm tests itself - batteries and sensors- up to 400 times a day.  This is great since not too many people check batteries as they should throughout the year.  Protect is the first smoke alarm to use a quiet sound check on speaker and the horn once a month.  Every night when you turn the lights off, a green light will illuminate for a few minutes to let you know everything is in working order so that you can sleep with the reassurance your family is safe.

Pathlight is a favorite feature in Nest alarms, so Nest made it brighter than before.  The motion of walking will illumate the light for your walk to the kitchen or any room without stumbling.

Another important feature of Protect is Carbon Monoxide detector which is the most accurate, 10-year carbon monoxide sensor on the market which uses algorythms.  The sensor will constantly monitor for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in any room of the home.  When CO is detected, Protect will shut off your Nest thermostat.

By using more Nest products in your home, you can combine all the features to work together such as the camera showing you where the fire is and how bad it is from your phone.  Technology is definitely advancing and it is important to take advantage so that you can stay on top of danger before it consumes your home.


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