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Swimming Pool Energy Savers

Posted on 06-08-2015

Swimming pools are great to have in beating summertime heat, but pools can add cost to your energy bill.  Following these tips can help you keep the cost under control while you enjoy cooling off on a raft in your pool.

Upgrade Your Pump

A study done by the Center of Energy Conservation at FLU on 120 different pools, owners saved nearly $200 when replacing their pump with a smaller pump.  You can use a 2-speed pump to switch between low and high speeds.  Use the high speed when vaccuming the pool or putting chemicals in the pool water.  Running the pump on low speed during other times will lower your bill without compromising the quality of the water.

Solar Pool Cover 

Did you know that water evaporation makes up nearly 70% of your pool's energy loss?  A solar pool cover may add 10% more heat to your pool which helps with water evaporation.  This will help in money spent on replacing that water and its chemicals needed to rebalance water chemistry.  Since taking the cover on and off of a pool requires a bit of effort, investing in a pool cover reel is a nice way to go for easy removal as well as keeping your cover in better condition over time.

Set Your Temperature and Leave It 

If you have an older water pump, replace it with a new energy-efficient pump.  Set the temperature at 78 degrees and leave it.  Each degree raised can add 10% to 30% to your energy costs. Turn down the pool heater or turn it off when pool is not in use and when you are away. You can put a thermometer in the pool to help you maintain your desired temperature.


Automatic timers on your pump and pool heater will help to save energy by allowing each to run short cycles during the day.  This is better than running continuously for several hours during the day.

Having a pool is a great addition to a house.  By following these tips and keeping maintenance on your pool, you can enjoy this backyard addition without fretting over increased energy costs. Also, by minimizing the splashing of water and keeping the water in the pool you can keep costs down by not having to replace that lost water.  

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