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Fans Cut Summer Energy Costs

Posted on 05-18-2015

A central air conditioning unit uses between 2,000 and 5,000 watts of energy, accounting for nearly half of your energy bill.  A ceiling fan only uses between 20 and 100 watts of energy. Consider this - if you run a ceiling fan all day in your home, decreasing the air conditioner use by 30 minutes within 24 hours, that is a significant savings over a period of time.

In the warmer months, run your ceiling fans on high in a counter-clockwise direction which moves the air downward for a breeze effect.  When running fans, set your thermostat up about five degrees.  With the breeze generated by the ceiling fan, your rooms will stay cooloer, and your air conditioner will kick on less frequently.  If you do not set your thermostat 5 to 10 degrees higher, you really aren't going to see a savings.

When purchasing ceiling fans, it is important to look for Energy Star or other high-efficiency models to get a savings in your energy bill.  Also, look for fans with blades with at least a 12 degree angle. Anything less (especially flat blade) do not move air downward but simply cut through air.  Don't forget about the lights in a ceiling fan.  There is a savings in energy-efficient bulbs.

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