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Oil and Natural Gas in Our Everyday Lives

Posted on 01-30-2022

Vehicles and your home may be the first things you think of when you hear oil and gas.  What you may not be aware of is over 6,000 products we use on a daily basis are derived from oil and natural gas. We won't list all 6,000+ products, but we will take a look at some of the products that will more than likely surprise you.


Here we go:

  • Air Mattresses

  • Aspirin

  • Balloons

  • Bandages

  • Candles

  • Cell Phones

  • Dentures

  • Deodorant

  • Enamel

  • Eyeglasses

  • Fan Belts

  • Footballs

  • Glue

  • Golf Clubs

  • Hand Lotion

  • Hearing Aids

  • Ink

  • iPads

  • Life Jackets

  • Luggage

  • Motorcycle Helmets

  • Nail Polish

  • Oil Filters

  • Pajamas

  • Purses

  • Roller Skates

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Shampoo

  • Soft Contact Lenses

  • Toothpaste

  • Trash Bags

  • Upholstery

  • Vitamin Capsules

  • Water Pipes

  • Yarn

You can find more at Dept. of Energy Products Made From Oil and Natural Gas



Did You Know?

One lightning strike can generate 100 million to 1 billion volts of electricity and the temperature of a typical lightning bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun! The air within a lightning strike can reach 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit and its path can become five times hotter than the surface of the sun.

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