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Save Energy Using Online Tools

Posted on 09-12-2019

There are some tools and calculators literally at your fingertips to help you save energy and money. The U.S. Department of Energy offers such tools on their website, and we are sharing a few with you.  

Click on the links below to find out more: 


Energy Saver's Home Appliances and Electronic Device Energy Use Calculator

This tells you what appliances and electronics are using the most energy.  Has a list of over 50 common products.

 Energy Department's Database of Incentives

This tool allows you to search federal, state and local incentives to offset costs of energy efficient improvements you make to your home.

Energy Department's Vehicle Cost Calculator

A great online calculator for those commuting to work every day.

Energy Department's Energy and Cost Savings Calculators

Helps you figure out payback periods for different products based on capacity, energy costs, hours of use and levels of efficiency.

You can visit the Department of Energy's website to find more tools and calculators that will hopefully help you make some good decisions which impact your budget.


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