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2015 Texas Golden Glove Ticket Sponsor

Posted on 09-12-2014

High Voltage is excited to announce that we are the new ticket sponsor for 2015 Texas Golden Gloves.  It is a great way for High Voltage to support an organization which teaches young athletes positive skills such as sportsmanship, dedication, work ethic, and self-respect.  The skills learned in the Golden Gloves program mold these young men and women to be champions in life.

The interest in Golden Gloves is rooted in the Lecce family.  Both Andy and his older brother, Luke Lecce, were amateur boxers.  Luke went on to have a professional career with 14 wins in two high profiled fights before retiring in 1984.  Type in their names in Google Search, and you will find archives of articles featuring the brothers' boxing days. 

When asked about his love for boxing and his support for the Golden Gloves, Andy said the following...

In my mind, boxing resembles life.  Participants are set up to face the challenges with their opponents, and you do it alone. Like life, we enter the ring of life alone; it's both physically and mentally challenging.  You might have good trainers or parents who can guide you along the way, maybe tell you what to expect and what choices to avoid, but when you step into the ring, you are alone.  When the bell rings, you find out just how prepared you are for the fight.  You always have to find a way to adapt to the things you weren't prepared for in the gym.  

The skills you learn in boxing expand way beyond the ring.  Hindsight, many of those skills you learn in boxing are the same skills we learn to win in life - hard work, dedication, and perseverance. We all have to find a way to overcome the fears of the unknown, that opponent across the ring, and how to stand up through the adversity of trials we face in life.

High Voltage is honored to be in the ring with Texas Golden Gloves, and we look forward to being the new ticket sponsors for 2015!

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